To become a teacher can be a very satisfying profession, as well as an arduous one. The road to becoming one is also more of the latter. However, if teaching is indeed your vocation, then we will guide to that way!


What do you need to become a teacher? First of all, you should go ahead and get certified. The traditional route involves you enrolling and earning a bachelor’s degree in education, and you can also go specific in the field you want to go. Alternative routes are also available, like the Transition to Teaching by the Department of Education. For those going in the traditional route, you might need to take several entry tests, one of which is the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests (Praxis Core). You need these exams, and you’ll probably take them sometime in your education, for certification.

Fast forward to sometime around the end of your studies, it will be time for you to involve yourself with real-life experience of the classroom. “Student teaching,” as many universities call it, involve you working on a real classroom, work with a real teacher, and gain reliable experience. Many, if not all, universities require this before graduation.


From being students to becoming a teacher, you need to earn your certification, which, at this point, you should have gotten. To start the job hunt, you can start by going through districts and see any openings. Joining relevant organizations and networks can also be very helpful in your search. If you don’t see any openings, try working as a substitute teacher; this helps you get along with your peers before you venture in a permanent position.


Becoming a teacher does not mean you stay as one. Being in the academe means you need to be a student at times, learning new things on the job itself. There are many possibilities in the field itself, and you’ll see yourself growing and learning and bettering yourself with each and every new student you teach.

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