Best Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics

It is a good idea when your professor gives you the opportunity to choose the topic of your own liking to write.  But we according with, when the topic has to do with the best ideas for an argumentative essay it becomes a big challenge. This is a challenging topic to write on that is why I have prepared this article to make your work easier. This article will give you a guide on how to do it. It will also give you a list of the best ideas for argumentative essay topics to choose from.

Choosing the best idea for an argumentative essay topic can be made easier if you choose one that you like. It is also helpful to choose a controversial and emotional topic.  Religion, politics, health, teenage hood, conflict are some of the topics that have divergent views that will make good ideas for argumentative essays topics. Let us now review essay topics one by one.

Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Should religion be taught in schools? The world has so many religions based on different believes. This is one of the best topics for argumentative essay

Is Bureaucracy Necessary? Bureaucracy is a system that most people do not like but it provides millions of jobs and order for any nation to thrive. This topic can be argued from either position.

Should Democratic states give Up on Democracy?  Democracy has its good sides and its bad side. This topic has views that are of and against. If you choose this topic you will have a lot to argue from.

Can we learn from World War II to avoid future world wars? Wars don’t just happen because nations want to fight. Sometimes they happen because we fail to learn from previous wars and conflicts.

Should the Law allow the usage of Marijuana? The use of marijuana is a topic that raises a lot of interest to those that are for it and those that are against it. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that there are medical findings that recommend it.

How Girls and Women are affected by social beauty standards; This topic is one that is very popular and yet full of controversies.  Natural beauty and cosmetic beauty is a hotly debated topic that you will find appropriate.

Should abortion be abolished in the world? Abortion is a very controversial issue. There are those who are for it and have valid reasons, and there are those who are against it and have valid reasons too. This is yet another good argumentative essay.

Does Smoking Affects Teenager Social Lifestyles Its clear to everybody that smoking is not good for health. But somehow teenagers get away with it. What value do teenagers gain from smoking? Another good topic to choose from

Why can college education be free? Education is very important and helps educate and make better citizens. Yet college education is very expensive. Tuition fees are high and not affordable to most.

Is a college degree necessary for life? College is an important phase in a learner’s life. Yet there is evidence of those who have made it without a college education. This is one of the good argumentative essay topics college students should pick on.

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Summary about Argumentative Essay Topics

The above are just but a few topics you can choose from there are more. You may think of your own or you can review argumentative essay topics from other sources like online searches to get more ideas. You can browse online using keywords like argumentative essay topics.  Avoid keywords like buy online Canada or argumentative essay topics buy Vancouver.  Your work has to be original and not copied from other writers to avoid copyright issues and plagiarism.

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